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For more than a decade, healthcare interoperability has been top of mind for IT leaders, practitioners, investigators and administrators. Tens of billions of dollars have been spent enabling the capture and storage of data, with the end goal of utilizing it to the benefit of patients. And still, we wait.

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Value-based care is a critical goal, but one that can be complex to operationalize. And yet, it is well worth striving to achieve. Getting there requires a connected healthcare system that does not yet fully exist. I recently collaborated with colleagues and the American Medical Informatics Association to co-author a paper detailing this gap—the chasm between our current health IT ecosystem and the ecosystem that we need to solidify—a crack that must be closed if true value-based care and a learning health system are to be realized.

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The fields of healthcare and life science are experiencing massive change, due to economic, policy and technological factors. At their core, the shifts center around the pursuits of precision medicine and value-based care.

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EHR adoption rates are nearing 100 percent, yet we see a steady stream of headlines reporting dissatisfaction. Physicians are demanding more from EHRs—and patients want more, too. While there is ample opinion on the current effectiveness of EHRs, we can all agree that EHRs have room to improve. Looking ahead, we envision four key ways in which EHRs could do more and further advance quality of treatment and care.

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IBM’s Watson is using artificial intelligence to “learn” healthcare. 

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By Kimberley Ferguson, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Will we be asking our doctors for Watson by name? IBM is counting on it.

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Does Watson have limits in healthcare?

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As healthcare professionals, we know that every data point presents an opportunity to learn and improve care. We want to integrate and share data. Yet often, we don’t. We’re standing at the precipice of the healthcare information technology and big data information age, with data security concerns as one of the most pressing issues in the modern healthcare-computing environment. And it’s impeding our progress.

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Billions have been invested to capture and store patient data, resulting in the creation of massive quantities of healthcare data—more today than at any point in history. Yet, an estimated 80% of that data remains unstructured, and therefore, locked and inaccessible.

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