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The search for true interoperability can be time consuming, frustrating, and confusing. Wide claims are often made about data integration solutions, only to later find they aren’t truly interoperable—and the chatter at HIMSS will be no different. The best way to ensure a satisfying conference experience is to pull the plug on the propaganda and get prepared.

Cut through the clutter by using the three C’s of true interoperability as your guide: care, collaboration and cost.

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Avec® securely connects disparate clinical trial and health data among clinical research networks—accelerating discovery and innovation in medicine.

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In the fourth video in our series we talk about what drives our work each day: the human impact of Avec®. In the HIT industry, it’s easy to hone in on the large amounts of disparate data in need of integration and lose sight of its origin. But at Signet Accel, true interoperability is about more than code. Every piece of data represents a friend, loved one, family member or a colleague in need of or receiving care.

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IBM’s Watson is using artificial intelligence to “learn” healthcare. 

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By Kimberley Ferguson, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Will we be asking our doctors for Watson by name? IBM is counting on it.

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Does Watson have limits in healthcare?

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Avec® creators Dr. Payne and Dr. Embi explore why the Avec® approach to interoperability is successful in this third installment of our video series.

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By John Raden, Chief Executive Officer

Are confidentiality, privacy, security and sharing incompatible goals?

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Avec® creators Dr. Philip Payne and Dr. Peter Embi discuss true interoperability in the second video of our four-part series exploring precision medicine, our unique approach to solving the interoperability problem, and the human impact of Avec®.

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