Avec® Works Differently

What if one interoperability solution could allow you to define, deliver & discover—faster?

Since the 2016 debut of our Avec® healthcare data integration platform, it continues to be the sole provider of true interoperability in HIT. A federated data integration platform that connects your data as it is and where it is, the Avec® platform is deliberately designed to integrate data in complex healthcare environments. Avec® allows you to share and collaborate safely and securely across your organization and with outside partners, with no disruption in workflow—and saving you time is top-of-mind. Avec® offers:

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  • Faster query building. Build and define more queries among the broadest possible set of data—in less time, with ease.
  • Faster insights. Receive results eight times faster and achieve data integrity prior to analysis.
  • Faster discovery. Connect data as it is and where it is; move from identification to investigation in record time.

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Using Avec® simply makes it easier to access and use all your data. Leave central repositories and data lakes behind with data that's harmonized, integrated and ready to work. Align permissions with agreements and use data effectively, regardless of experience level. Save both time and money with rapid data delivery to the clinicians and investigators who will use it to discover, treat and cure.

We understand the barriers. And we understand the importance of your work. Old approaches to data integration don’t solve the problem. And in Avec®, we created a solution that supersedes them. Your work is important. We’re here to ensure ALL of your data is ready for the task, more quickly than ever before. Let Avec® make it possible.

New Call-to-actionCONNECT ANY SYSTEM: Bring information together from every source to answer the most complex questions. EHRs, LIMS, CTMS, BSR, HIEs, Cancer Registries, Disease Registries, Wearables, Publicly Available Data Sets, Billing Systems, CMS, and more.

USE ANY DATAUse data in any format, delivered for your analysis. HL7, FHIR, CDA, XML, SQL, Segmented and Non-segmented Text, NAACCR, JSON, Delimited Text, as well as custom and proprietary formats.

Ask the same question of all your data, single search/query across every language. SNOMED, LOINC, ICD9, ICD10, RxNORM, etc. 

WORK WITHIN ANY PROTOCOL: Access your data easily and securely—anywhere, any way, any time. HTTP/HTTPS, FTP/FTPS/SFTP, Web Services (SOAP, RESTful), TCP/IP, Database, File Systems and others.

PROTECT YOUR DATA INVESTMENTS: Data standardization and harmonization happen at each site behind the security of the site firewall. Data is conceptually and structurally standardized, harmonized and de-identified before it’s exposed to the network.

Users do not need to be data scientists to start getting questions answered.

Avec® and its easy-to-use web interface means clinicians and investigators can ask more questions of the data and get more complete answers—faster than ever before. 

A federated approach to data integration.

Avec® leaves your data as it is and where it is—no need for costly and time-consuming centralization.

View, access, search and collaborate with all your data in one place.

Portal and administrative interface are in a single platform with a custom interface based on specific user needs. Access all the power of Avec® through an easy-to-use interface. You have full control to define roles and manage users. Control access to its features, sources and levels of data and sites. 

All actions are captured.

Avec® has a robust tracking system that logs actions and uses of the data for effective and efficient auditing and performance measurement.

Identify and fix data errors faster at the source.

The Avec® Integrity Report ensures data integrity by identifying errors in source data so that they can be corrected before they have an opportunity to negatively affect data analysis, improving the speed and accuracy of discovery.

Makes it easy to work together.

Save, store and share queries. Avec® makes it easier to collaborate with colleagues and speed discovery workflows.

24-hour support.

We provide great user training.

But sometimes, you just have a question or encounter an unexpected problem…and we are here for you. Our trained staff is ready to assist you.