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As CSO, Dr. Payne leads Avec® product development, supports our clients in solution strategy and development, and directs ongoing thought leadership for the company. 

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Healthcare Tech Outlook names Signet Accel among the year’s most promising healthcare analytics solution providers for its Avec® platform.

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As healthcare professionals, we know that every data point presents an opportunity to learn and improve care. We want to integrate and share data. Yet often, we don’t. We’re standing at the precipice of the healthcare information technology and big data information age, with data security concerns as one of the most pressing issues in the modern healthcare-computing environment. And it’s impeding our progress.

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Did you know your analytics tools are only as good as the data they can access? In this month's Healthcare Tech Outlook, CEO John Raden shares how Avec® succeeds in data integration where others fail. It's time to start seeing the whole picture of your data.

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