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COLUMBUS, Ohio--Signet Accel, a software and services company specializing in data integration and harmonization, today announced a partnership with online training provider Neunoia. Signet Accel customers can now access custom-built online training modules, on demand, from any location. E-learning with Neunoia will provide Signet Accel clients with convenient and thorough online training as they employ Avec®, Signet Accel’s commercial federated data integration platform that delivers true interoperability to big data in healthcare.

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 From Healthcare IT News: "LAS VEGAS – Signet Accel has launched Avec®, a commercial federated data integration platform designed to offer interoperability to healthcare organizations, the company announced at HIMSS16.  Avec® enables analysis of complex, distributed healthcare data in a manner that is secure and protects the ownership and control of data at every site, Signet Accel said. It does not require changes in the process of collecting data, the manner in which data is stored, where data is stored or how data is structured, the vendor added." 

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